Most of the students in college are eager to earn some sort of extra cash to spend on their needs.
Even when I was in college, I always try to find the ways to earn money. The blog you are studying are the efforts  during my college days.
As long as you are willing to put efforts and time in between obligations during college days, it's possible to make money (even good money).
Here are but few of many ways to earn money while in college listed below without missing a single class. You can convert many of the ways into a legit full time career.

Easiest ways to make money in college 2020.

How to make money in college campus.

1.Campus Ambassador.

Indeed, becoming a campus ambassador is a great way to earn money by representing your campus and  helping new students. You can plan trips , picnics , events and functions , job fairs and many more.

These days big brands hire campus ambassadors to promote or sponsor there brand or product and end up paying good amount of money.

2.Teaching Assistant Job.

As a teaching assistant you have to do many jobs as professor do. Teaching classes , managing labs and many more.

Some colleges offer TA position only to Graduates while many also offers to undergraduates in senior as well as junior students too.

3.Work at dining hall.

If you're looking for a way to reduce your on-campus expenses dining hall job or mess job.You may work as cashier, caterer, dishwasher, or food preparing.

4.Work at an On-Campus Restaurant.

Many large college campuses, offer the convenience of on-campus store or restaurants .If you are lucky enough to got campus as per your convenience you may can grab the job there. 

Easy way to make money off-campus.

5. Tutor Your Favorite Subject. 

There are chances, you are good at one or more subject that you enjoy. You can earn some cash by tutoring that subject to students to succeed in that subject.
You can also try an online tutor platforms to teach that subject like unacademy or you can also try it on youtube to reach out more and more learners.

6.Walk other people's Pets(Dog).

For sure you may not have dog as a college student but in your local area there are plenty you may have. These people hire someone to walk there dog because of problems like lack of time or unavailability.
You can try ROVER to search for dog owners in your area who are eager to hire you for this job and i bet you will love this job.

7.Work as Delivery Driver.

Many companies like Amazon Flex , Postmates needs delivery persons to deliver items to their customers.They usually pay on the basis of per hour or per delivery. 
Best job for you if you have to cover a large distance for college then you can do this after the college timings.

How to earn money online while in college.

8.Start a YouTube Channel.

This way is most popular than any other these days in the teenagers and you can do it too. It does not require any any fee to join just make a video and publish it on youtube .
On a coming days if you have grown your channel at some extent you will start gaining some brand deals which can let you make good amount of money.

9.Start a blog.

This is my favorite that's why you can see this blog.
You will not be a millionaire overnight by starting a money-making blog but one day this can be possible if you take it to the right direction .
A blog is a website on which you publish your experience on subject like travel .

10.Become a Facebook Ad Expert.

Business owners nowadays lookout for someone who is expert in running facebook ads in order to  generate leads or boost sale for the businesses.If you know how to do it or you are willing to learn it you can earn so much money by doing this.

11.Become Virtual Assistant.

There are many Virtual Assistant services you can offer to business owners to who want some more time for themselves.
Services like making customer phone calls , managing database , social media management, event handling and many more you can ask for.

12.Start Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA).

People are making tons of money nowadays by starting an social media marketing agency. I would suggest you to join some course to grow at a faster rate in this field. Few services are as similar as in Virtual assistant job.