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How To Make Money On Youtube 2017 Urdu/Hindi

Day by day Internet Technology is improving. Every day we see new Invention. Google launch this web site in 2005|04|28. Its Alexa Rank is 2 and Google Page Rank is 10. Basically it is a video sharing website. Any one can upload any video here. After launching this web site Google give Advertisement on online community. Suddenly it touch the heights of reputation in whole world. Nobody knows on that time in coming days this video sharing website will be the most important website in future. On that time so many Web Designers launch their own Video Sharing Web sites like Vimeo , Daily motion , Veoh , Metacafe and many others. They all running very successfully. But in these days YouTube is most popular website in all around the world. Google introduced new plan in 2010 if you working on YouTube so you can earn money with your videos. You can show advertisement by using your Google Adsense program & earn extra income. Besides that you have many other ways to Make Money Online. You can use URL Shorter program for earn extra income. Besides that you have so many advantages you can share your Website or Blog link in your Description and send Huge Traffic. Please read following information if you want to work on YouTube.

What are YouTuber?

In these days YouTube became a profession. Which people work on YouTube we call them Youtuber. They earn very huge income with their videos. In all world a lot of Highest Paid youtubers work. But in Pakistan i think only two persons are best in this profession Abdul Wali brother and Tamoor Pardesi.

Beginner Guide For New Youtubers

If you want Earn Money with video sharing websites so youtube is only one of highest paying website.  you have to follow all rule & regulation of Google Adsense.  You have to create your own videos with editing different types of software's. The most important is for you avoid the copy right video which already uploaded on you-tube other wise your account will be terminated any time. When your video will be ready you have to share ney with your videos. You can show advertisement by using your Google Adsense program & earn extra income. you have 100 ways if we want earn money from youtube. I You can use URL Shorter program for earn extra income. Besides that you have so many advantages you can share your Website or Blog link in your Description and send Huge Traffic on your website.

Monthly Searches

If you starting to make a new channel on any keyword so you should know the monthly searches on that keyword. If you choose low monthly searches keyword so i am sure your competition also will be low. But if you choose high monthly searches so your competition also will be high. First thing is Choose a best Topic or Nich for create new videos for your new channel if you are beginner. Google Keyword Planner is a best way for 100% true result to know about monthly searches.

Create Videos

Videos are most important thing for any YouTuber. That,s why you should create great & very useful videos. If you want became a professional YouTuber so you should learn How To Make a Video with any software. Thousands of software are used for video editing in the word of internet. But Camtasia Studio is a best for all types of beginner YouTubers. Window Movie Maker is also a great easy video editing software and available on all XP windows. Its interface is very simple you can add video clip, Text, Audio, and Picture very easily & create videos.

YouTube Videos SEO

Today we will talk about Youtube SEO. It is very easy way to Rank Your Videos on front page of YouTube with any keyword. In these days the competition is so high because a lot of YouTubers working  professionally. Because if you want break your competitors SEO so you need increase subscribers. When you will upload your video so notification will be go to all subscriber members. Then It is possible a lot of users will see your video. When suddenly many people watch your video then youtube will increase your video ranking. These 2 ways are most important for Basic SEO.
(1) Increase Your Subscriptions
(2) Perfect SEO

              Suscribers Play a Big Role in Youtube Video Ranking

Short Guide For you

you need Gmail id for all Google Products. Please these steps For Make Money Online With YouTube.

Ignore Copy Right Content If You Want Earn Money For Long Time

How To Become A Successful Youtuber

  • First of all you have to choose why you want to become a you tuber for Fame or Money.
  • Just use a good quality Camera for quality Videos.
  • If you have any talent or Good personality so you can make videos and show people.
  • Editing Software's are very important because you have to add many thing on video so you should learn.
  • Write very useful & Good Description with 250 words.
  • Don,t be use any Copy Right Video.
  • You should create some thing different and unique.
  • Every day you should Minimum 1 video upload.
  • Always try to gain your Subscribers.
  • Upload great thumbnail after Editing with Adobe Photoshop. 
  • Always Think Positive and try try again you will succeed.
  • Every thing is possible in this world so don,t be nervous.

How To Apply Adsense For Your Youtube

YouTube always give permission every one can monetize their videos with Google Adsense. You can apply very easily by submit a online forum please follow these steps.

  1. First of all click on channel
  2. Click Enable Monitization
  3. Now Click  >>>>  " How Will I Paid " >>>>  " Associate An Adsense Account "
  4. Read Rule & Regulation  >>>>> " Next "
  5. Welcome to Adsense you have to options  (1)  " Sign In "  (2) " Create account "
  6. Sign In >>>>"  Save & Continue "
  7. Fill all Information and Tick yes all options >>>> " Submit My Application "
  8. Please Verify your Mobile No
  9. Read Rule & Regulation and Tick yes i agree and click " accept "

Now your online application forum has been submitted and being reviewed. When your account will be accepted so you can place ads on your videos

Always Upload Unique Videos & Useful Content For user Attractions

Youtube Announce New Policy

In 2017 YouTube announce new policy if you are new you tuber so you can not monetize your video very soon. First of all you have to reach 10,000 views limit on your videos. When you cross that limit so Monetize option will be visible and then you can Monetize your video any time.

How To Make a Google Adsense Account For Youtube

Creaate a Channel & Upload a Video

If you want Make Money Online so you have this great way i will update if You-tube introduce any new policy please share my video on social media if you really like my Blog. 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Best App Locker For Android 2017

If you are using so many Apps on your mobile phone so you need to use Best App Locker For Android 2017 for secure your personal Data & information. Today i will teach you about Hex Locker. But in Google Play Store a lot of applications available for security purpose. But this is a best app for any android device. You can easily manage your all apps with different timing. You can Create Profile Like "School" "Office" or "Home". You can block different apps on your profile. If you create your home profile so you can choose all apps which you want to lock or hide. Then nobody can open that applications which you have select on your profile. You can create different type of profiles with different types of situations and time.

How To Download & How Hex Lock Works

Hex Lock is a great application technology so if you want to know how to download please follow these steps.


  1. Open " Google Play Store "
  2. Search " Hex Lock "
  3. and " Install "
  4. Your App is " completely Installed " and Ready For Use

How It Works

(1) : Right now i am telling you how it works so first of all just " Run your App " on any android device. After that it will shown " Choose any Security System "    
  • Swipe
  • Face Unlock
  • Face & Voice
  • Pattern
  • Pin
  • Password
(2) : Just slide and see 3 profiles (1) : Work   (2) : Home    (3) : Off
(3) : Basically you can edit these profiles According to your need. It means if you are going to the work so you want lock some apps like "Facebook"Whats app"Messenger" & you will create a profile. Nobody can open your device with out your permission.
(4) : You Should Edit These 2 profiles. In home you should lock your "Gallery" "Setting" and in Work your all "Social Media".
(5) : If you want "Off" your app so click here it will be close and will not work. 

How To Edit You Setting

Now i will show you some basic options about setting & how you can edit step by step.
  1. Click here and type new "pass code" very easily. To Change your password.
  2. You can "Enable" finger prints for password. to secure your personal Data.
  3. Change your "Lock Screen Background" or choose any 1 from your Gallery.
  4. You can set any time For "Relock Delay" and you can choose any one.
  5. Choose Enable on "Uninstall Prevention" then nobody will remove any app on your phone.
  6. When you install new app this application will inform you automatically "Notify To Locks New App" or not so Enable if you want.
  7. If you want "Remove Ads" so pay 1.30$ and remove ads.

What is Media Wallet

In Wallet you can add Pictures and Videos with a single click. All wallet videos will be safe and hidden from your android device. So it is a best option if you want hide any thing from children's.

                                              Best Application For Android Devices

This is a great app for every one who want to save their mobile from any one. It is totally free of cost and you can download from Google Play Store. Please Share My Post With Friends and Social Media.

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How To Speed Up My Computer? In Urdu & Hindi

how to increase my pc speed
In 1822 a young man try to make a computer and his name is Charles Babbage. But first computer was so big. But day by day Computer technology improving. In these days computer is very small machine like mobile in 2017. The computer machine is very important for our life. In these days we can not live with out computer. Every work which was human do with their hands in past. But these all works right now we do with computer. A lot of stores and business man use computer for saving data. Bank use for money transfer and bank data for saving. The daily use of computer it will be little bit slow. Today i will show you How To Speed Up My Computer. In these days people face a lot of problems for computer slow speed. But they don,t no how to increase their PC speed. The big problem is only internet of this issue. In these days every computer attach with internet that,s why users always download new things Like Software's, Games, Songs and many things. When they Install different software's so Temporary files automatically saved on your PC. I think 80% people don,t no about these Temp Files. If you want Make Your Computer Faster so you should delete these files. Now i am sharing you the 2nd reason of slow speed. Some time your PC Ram is very big but your speed is very slow it means you have extra files or software install on your computer. We will learn many thing more about Speed Up My Computer.

Basic Reason For Slow Speed

Most of the computer user facing the slow speed problem. It is very Common Issue for every type of computer users. Today i will solve that issues for you i am showing some basic reasons let me go to the point.

1) : Low Hard Disc Space

We Install Windows mostly in Drive C partition. We also use Drive c for every type of installation Like Software's, Games, and every thing. That,s why Drive C is brain for computer. When you upload to much software on that automatically computer will be work slow.
Fix : If you want get rid with this issue so you have to Create another partition for only install software & game,s. So your C drive will liv empty and it works very well.

2) : Delete Or Uninstall

It is also a very important step because many people don,t no how to install & delete software,s.
Fix : When you install any software or game so you need to  uninstall with these following steps.

  1. Open Your  " Control Panel "
  2. Click  " Programs "
  3. Now Open " Uninstall Programs "
  4. Choose any software and Double Click For " Uninstall "

3) : Extra Files

Some extra temp file,s your Machine automatically generate so you have to remove all files.
Fix : Follow these steps to remove temp file.

  1. Go to "My Computer" >> "C Folder"  >> " Windows" >>"Prefetch" & "Temp"
  2. Now Delete all Files from " Prefetch " and " Temp" folder.

Create D or F partition for Installing Programs & Always Delete Temp Files & Please Only Uninstall Programs With Control Panel >>Programs

What Is CC Cleaner?

CC Cleaner is a great software which can remove temporary files or potentially unwanted files left from your PC. You can Find Them automatically and Removed. CC Cleaner Remove these files.
  • Browsing History
  • Cookies
  • Recycle Bin Files
  • Log Files
  • System Catches
  • Application Data

How It Works

It is a very simple, easy & useful application for you.
  1. Just " Install "
  2. After finish your installation Run or Open " CC Cleaner "
  3. (1) : Choose  " Cleaner " option >> " Run Cleaner " >> " OK " and wait for complete removing files.
  4. (2) : Click on " Registry " option >> " Scan for issues " >> " Fix Selected Issues " >> " No " >> " Fix All Selected Issues " >> " Close "
  5. Just Restart
  6. Enjoy Your Fast speed

You can follow these steps to improve speed for your Laptop. If you are mobile user so You can Also try Mobile Application to remove junk files in Mobile device.
                                                          Optimize Your PC Fast
You can read in English easily How To Speed Up Your Computer and Watch Video in Urdu.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fix The Problams of internet download manager free

free idm
If you are internet user so Internet Download Manager is a most important software for your computer. In Pakistan internet speed is very slow that,s why you can not download any thing. But if you have IDM so you can download any thing very fast. In IT World so many download software's available. But IDM is a best software. Basically these all software's are paid but i will give you free of cost for all life. But i think we should Buy these software's. We can download this easily from internet but registration is a big problem if you want free of cost. But here i will show you how you can solve these problems very easily.

How to Download and Install

Now i will give you your software link first of all please download and follow these options to install and fix your registration problem.



  1. Run This File " idman621build11 "
  2. Click " Next " all Steps
  3. In the End Just Click " Finish "
Now your internet download manager is completely installed.


  1. Click on " Regkey " and run
  2. Click " yes " all steps
  3. Open " Crack " Folder
  4. Copy " IDMan " >>>> " IDMGrHip " folders
  5. Paste in " File Location Path "
  6. Now click to " replace " file
  7. just " restart " you Computer

Final Tip : Don,t Update Your Idm Otherwise Registration Will Be Remove

Downloading Bar Not showing In Chrome

if you just install your Internet Download Manager and your downloading bar is hide. Mostly people facing this problem. They can following these steps to appear your downloading bar For Your YouTube Videos.

  1. Open Your " Google Chrome "
  2. Click on Right side Corner " Setting "
  3. Now Click on " Extensions "
  4. Just Tick These Two Options "Allow In Incognito" & " Enable "
Your bar will be show you you can enjoy your software 

Free Video Tutorial For Fix Idm Problems in Urdu and Hindi 

IDM is a great way if you like download movies from YouTube or any other Video Sharing Website I Hope You will Be Like My Posts and Please Share With Friends and Social Media.

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Make Money Online Without Investment With Neobux

homemade jobs
Neobux is a great website for all type of people who want to make some extra income from home. Every one want to Make Money Online with easy methods, but its pretty hard to earn money without investment. Basically these are Ptc sites & It means Paid To Click. Today we will learn about Neobux, which is Highest Paying Website. You can make easily income with daily work. You have to watch few ads on daily basis and your earned balance will be add on your account. In starting Neobux will give you some ads but after few days when you complete your work on time every day so ads will be increased. Neobux really pay for your work and you should take advantage and work hard . It is not a big deal you have to spend only 5 minutes and earn money.

How To Neobux Works

In ptc sites Neobux is very Important and  famous website. You can trust because its running very successfully from 2008 and A lot of people earning money with this website. You have two ways for earning watch ads & make referrals. If you want refer to people,s so you need to buy rent referrals with little fee. Just invite your  "Friends"  "Family members"  and any where on " Social Media". You will have 50% revenue of your all referrals which they earn daily.  More referral can generate more money.

How Much You can Earn With Neobux

If you want Make Money Online without Investment so its very important for you to know how much money you can make with Neobux. In daily basis when you check any ad so company will give you only 0.01 and it is very low price so you could not earn. Because if you work with this speed so i think in a month you will earn only 5$. If you have referrer so you will earn 0.01 per ad view per refer member so its great chance to increase your income. Here i am describing a simple method how you can increase your earning.
  1. If you view 10 ads per day so you will earn =$.10
  2. But if your 100 referrals view 10 ads per day =$10
  3. You will earn in daily basis =$10.10
  4. And you will earn weekly =$70.70
  5. So in the end of the month your earning will be =$ 282.80

Keep in your mind if you want increase income so you should refer to new members and your income will be increased automatically.

Requirements For Start Your Neobux

It is very easy method to join this Advertising PTC Network. You need any working Email for sign up your account & Computer with Internet. You don,t need any thing else just start your work.

You Can Hack Neobux or Not ?

I live in Pakistan and here every one want short cut for earn a lot of money. Many people,s think about hack these type of ptc websites and earn money. But it is not possible to hack Neobux because its security is very strong that,s why you couldn't break. Hacking is illegal so don,t try to do anything wrong. In YouTube a lot of people make scam video's for hacking. But don,t try to do your account will be terminated for all life.

How To Use Banners

Banners are the most important option for any ptc website. Because it is referral program to refer other people,s. If you have any website or blog so you can place your banner there. When visitor,s will be read your article so may be a lot of visitors will join your banner and automatically your refer people will be increase

You Can Find Neobux Banners

  1. Log in your " Account "
  2. Click on the " Username " which is in the right side of corner
  3. you have to click on " Banners "
  4. Right now please " Click here for more banners "
  5. You have so many banners so choose any one which you want to use

Note : If you want Success and earn a lot of money so always try to make new refferels members or share your banner on " social media " " Blog " or " Website " To increase refer person,s.

Payment proof

In internet most of the websites are scams. But some websites are really paying that,s why here i will give you payment proof about Neobux. I am sharing forum of this ptc site please " Sign Up " or " Log in " your account and see the payment proof.

Here i am sharing some members payment proof from Neobux.
  • kapolas 
  • Magic89
  • Reggen666
  • Suriya

Payment Transfer Details

The minimum payment payout is only 2$ in Neobux. You have two ways to transfer your income via PayPal and Alert pay account. So lets go i will teach you how to transfer your money in your accounts.

  1. Please " Login " your account
  2. Click on " Account Summary "
  3. Right now click on your " payment " options
  4. Choose your account " PayPal Or Alert Pay "
  5. And Click on " Yes " and Enter

Once you have Done your all steps so i am sure your income will be transfer very soon in your account.

Advantages of This Ptc Site

  1. Very easy to understand and work
  2. Daily work only for Minutes
  3. Facility for buying a lot of Referrals
  4. you can increase income with more refer people,s

Here is a Urdu Hindi video tutorial For Make Money Online Without Investment with Neobux

Note : Every one can generate money with these ptc websites. Basically if you don,t no how to make money online so it is a best way you can start your online business. Friends if you think these articles can help you so please share my posts on social media and with your friends right now its your turn if you want ask me something so please comment me i will reply soon as possible. Thanks and Enjoy Your Neobux !

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15 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

search engine optimization png
In these days Google SEO Ranking is most important way for all webmasters in worldwide to Improve Traffic. In these days Google just using 200 ways to improve your blog or website ranking worldwide. But nobody knows about these all factors except google employers which have to create these algorithm. Most of the SEO experts always give opinions about these factors but they don,t no exact. Here i have some factors you can follow them and improve your google page ranking.

Title Keyword

Title is the basic part of article so you have to write perfect and best with the eyes of google search engine. It is also very important for any webmaster in seo so research on the internet with different tools and select any best seo friendly title.

Domain keyword

Domain name is most important factor in search engine optimization. You have to place your primary keyword in your domain name so you can higher your google page rank. Because in these days if you have easy domain so every one can remember and search easily and with keyword search engine can help the "crawlers" to find the relevant page searches.

Age of Your Domain Name

If you are new webmaster so no body knows about you and your website or blog so nobody will visit your site. In seo you need old or aged website name if you want to success. Google also give priority aged domain name. If you have 5 years old domain so its better and chances little high to 1 year old . So this is basic problam with domain.

H1 and H2 Tags

In SEO every thing is important so we have to use every thing correctly. These are headings so if you want better ranking so you need use heading H1 and H2  with primary keywords to tell the search engine about your post.

Increase your Content Length

Article is the main content which can increase the chances of higher ranking. If you write 500 words article so you can use only some keyword become you have to manage keyword density. But if you write 2000 word article so you can use a lot of keywords and that,s why search engine always give priority for long article.

Keyword Density For Your Post

Keyword density is how much keywords you use in your post. The maximum limit of density is 3%  but try to have between 1% to 3% that,s why chances will be higher for getting ranking. But when you write any post so don,t forget to check your density using these free tools.

Update Your Content 

If you are blogger or web designer so you have to updated your site daily or monthly. Because google crawlers daily check the updated site and always try to help for increase ranking. On other side if you not update you blog or site so after some time they will be dead and Search Engine also will be remove on ranking.

Add Pictures and Videos in Your Article

Before some years most of the bloggers can rank their article with out any media but in 2017 it is so hard because technology was totally changed in 2014. Right now if you want higher rank in google so you need to add pictures and Videos in your article. Most of the people also embed YouTube videos. Then your post will be balance with content and media.

Website Speed and Mobile Optimization

If your website speed is very slow and not opening in 2 or 3 second so i think you are in trouble. Your site could not be rank higher so you have to worry about that and try to increase the speed. On other side make sure your website is mobile friendly and every device can open your post very easily and Search Engine Really love this thing.

Increase Domain Authority

Domain authority is the respect of your site how google see your website. I mean You need backlinks with other High Page Rank websites to improve your page authority. When you build a lot of backlinks so day by day google will increase your page rank. Domain authority will be automatically increased.

Check Your Css Html Java Script

W3 Consortium is a very professional website you can check all "CSS" "HTML" and "JAVA SCRIPT" errors and solve to improve website speed. Don,t be lazy and try every week to check your website code is fine or you need any changing.

Make Site Map For Your Website

Site map is basically map of your website. When any body click on your site map so every thing will be show in your site step by step. Search engine also love site map and find more relivant data for index in their database.

Panguin Safe and Relevant Backlinks

Panguin is also a Google Algorithm. In 2010 when technology was changed so google launch this algorithm to control spammy backlinks. Then pengaun ban all illegal backlinks sites. Right now you have to be careful with this software and always try to make 100% legal backlinks and don,t try to make irrelevant back-links.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Content is base of your site so you should create your own and avoid to 100% duplicate content. If your all Content is 100% Unique so i am sure very soon your site will be improve ranking so avoid duplicate or copy paste and data.

Social Media Shares

Social Media is a perfact way if you want powerful backlinks for SEO. If you have a lot of shares and like,s on social media and comments on your blogs so it,s give the positive signal to search engine and very soon your page rank will be increase on online.

Basically SEO is only a technique. Its not any Rocket Science & it is very easy to rank your website with some important step which google search engine really like and you have to follow them 

Note : Day by day Google improving their SEO Techniques and algorithms for all illegal backlinks and all illegal ways so always try to work only Legal and Positive. If you like my post please share on social media and with your friends. If you want ask me any thing comment me i will reply very soon as possible. Thanx & Enjoy Your SEO!